One City Global, helping create Connected, Sustainable & Resilient Smart Cities

One City Global is your complete turnkey solution for Smart City technology integration and services through the provision of modular, fully customisable and connected Smart Platforms

The concept of the Smart City is no longer a ‘nice to have’; it’s becoming essential to modern day living and top of the agenda for planners, developers and city officials.

Whilst many of the individual components that form the technological infrastructure of smart cities exist on the market ranging from smart lighting and environmental sensors to CCTV, 5G and city-wide Wi-Fi access points, a consistent, organised, integrated, readily deployable, end-to-end solution, based on an Internet of Things (IoT) platform is not.

Until now… One City Global aims to harness numerous cutting-edge technologies to bring increased sophistication and value in the form of our own technology innovation, the modular Smart Platform.

Smart Platforms are the connected foundations of all Smart developments comprising:

Information and Communication Technology

Internet of Things


Geo-spatial Technology

Artificial Intelligence